Claire found an abandoned baby one day and brought him home, begging her parents to adopt him. Years later, she received a call from a lawyer with an astonishing surprise for their family. Finally, they had the answers they had been looking for all this time.

For years, Claire had begged her parents for a little brother or sister, but Mark and Cindy lived paycheck to paycheck. Adding another family member to their household was not financially wise.

Cindy didn’t want to break her daughter’s heart or make her worry about money. So instead of telling her the truth, she told her, “If you pray really hard, you might get a little sibling one day.”

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Claire took those words to heart, and every night before bed, she would beg God for a new addition to their family. She promised to be the best sister in the world and hoped that God would listen to her prayers sooner than later.

At 10, she thought it might never happen, but she was content with her family. Mark and Cindy loved her dearly, and despite their struggles with money, they were as happy as can be.

Claire was skipping home from school one day, her book bag swinging back and forth. Her mother thought she was old enough to walk home; it only took about ten minutes. She said it would give her responsibility. Sometimes, her friend walked with her as she lived nearby, but not that day.

Looking down at her shoes as she merrily skipped, Claire didn’t notice the stroller in the middle of the sidewalk. She stumbled, shaking the stroller, and she heard a faint cry from inside.

“Oh,” she muttered and leaned to find a baby boy inside. His big eyes were wide and curious. But then, he started to wail.

“Hush,” she cooed and started swaying the stroller side to side. Luckily, the baby calmed, allowing Claire to look up and search for his mother. She lived in a nice little neighborhood of modest homes in Virginia. Mothers often walked with their strollers as it was pretty safe, but no one would dare leave a baby alone just like that.

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This is strange, Claire thought, frowning at the seemingly abandoned stroller. She waited a few more minutes but knew her mother would worry if she wasn’t home soon.

On the other hand, she couldn’t leave this baby on the street just like that. The only option was to bring it home; her mother would know what to do.

“Claire, what is that?” Cindy asked, wiping her hands clean with a hand towel after seeing her daughter entering their house with a stroller.

“Mom! I found this abandoned stroller on the street. There’s a baby boy inside, but no one was around! I couldn’t leave him alone!” Claire explained quickly.

Her mother’s eyes widened, her surprise and confusion evident, but she picked up the baby and cradled him to her chest. “Jesus, who would do this? We’re going to have to call the police,” she said, patting the baby’s back.

Claire pursed her lips and looked at her mother, hopeful. “Mom, what if he’s the brother I’ve been praying for all these years? What if he’s my answer from God?”

“What? Oh, Claire. That’s not how it works. Not really. We need to know if he was left by mistake. His parents might be worried sick about him,” Cindy explained, calmly rocking the baby.

Claire didn’t say anything else, but she searched the stroller for any clues. Suddenly, she found a piece of paper. “Mom, there’s a letter!”

Cindy grabbed it with one hand and started reading: “To whoever finds him, please take care of him. His name is Gabriel. I can’t. I’m 18, and I was kicked out. Please. Thank you.”

“His mom left him?” Claire said in shock.

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“I think so, sweetie,” Cindy replied, her eyebrows pulled down in worry.

The baby was young and would need formula, so she called her husband and explained the situation. He bought food and cheap diapers. When he got home, they fed him and called the non-emergency line.

A few officers came over and heard their story. They asked the family to keep the baby for the night, and a social worker would come for him the next day.

But that night changed everything for them. Gabriel was amazing. They had fun having a young baby in the house, even with the cries and poopy diapers.

Before they all went to bed, Claire begged her parents again. “I think he was sent to us. He’s the answer to my prayers. He’s my little brother,” she told them before going to her room.

When the CPS lady showed up the following day, Mark and Cindy couldn’t let the baby go with her. They talked to her about keeping him while the authorities completed the investigation. The social worker agreed as long as they took a foster parent certification, which they did immediately.

The investigation led to nothing, and a few years later, Mark and Cindy adopted Gabriel officially. Cindy made good on her promise to God. She was the best sister ever. She helped with feedings and diaper changes and played with her little brothers as much as possible. She babysat all the time because her parents couldn’t afford someone else.

Money got even tighter through those years, but they were happy. It truly seemed like Gabriel had been sent to them by God or whoever that poor mother had been.


At 19, Claire was attending college at a local university but still living at home. She also had a part-time job but spent much time with her little brother, who was almost 10.

One day, the landline rang, and she answered it.

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“Hello?” she said, waving at her brother that she would be there to play Monopoly in a second.

“Hello, am I speaking with Cindy?” a male voice asked.

“No, this is Claire. Cindy is my mother,” she answered.

“Oh, well. You’ll do. I’m Mr. Cohen. I’m a lawyer for Suzanne Masters,” the man explained.

Claire frowned. She had no idea who he was talking about. “Ok. Who is that?”

“Never mind that. I’m calling to inform you that Ms. Masters is leaving you and your brother, Gabriel, $2.7 million. You should come with your parents to my office soon to sign the papers,” Mr. Cohen suggested.

Claire’s jaw dropped. “What? This must be a mistake. Who are you? How do you know us?”

“I suggest you call this number,” Mr. Cohen replied and started reciting a set of digits, which Claire jotted down as quickly as possible. “You’ll get the answers you need. Then come to my office to get everything ready. Goodbye, Miss.”

“But –” Claire started, but the lawyer had already hung up.

The young woman had no idea what to do. Her parents’ financial situation had improved over the years, and they had no family or anyone who would leave them money. Their extended relatives were also ordinary people. This call didn’t make sense.

But it couldn’t be wrong. The lawyer talked about her brother. Something was going on, and she needed to find out the truth immediately, so she called the number.

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“Hello, Claire,” a weak female voice replied when Claire introduced herself. “I assume you received a call from Mr. Cohen. It’s not a lie. You’re getting that money.”

“Are you Suzanne?”


“Who are you? Why are you giving us money?”

“A few years ago, my parents kicked me out because I came home with a child. They didn’t know I was pregnant, and they were… angry, to say the least. A child out of wedlock from their 18-year-old daughter would’ve been an embarrassment in their circle,” Suzanne started, and Claire pllopped down on the couch, finally beginning to understand the situation.

“Oh my god,” she muttered, covering her mouth with her hand.

“Yes, it was me. I’m Gabriel’s biological mother, and I was hiding behind a tree when you took the stroller home. I saw it all. I knew where he was all along.

“All these years, I have lived with regret. I shouldn’t have given him up, but I couldn’t do anything without my parents’ support. They told me that if I gave him up, they would take me back. I was a coward, so I did it, and I returned home.” Suzanne coughed several times, interrupting her narrative.

“Ok, but what’s happening now?” Claire inquired, now scared that she was coming to take Gabriel back or offering them money for him. It was silly as the lawyer said the money was for them both, but she was worried and afraid.

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“My parents died in a car accident just a few years after I left my kid on your street, and I got my entire inheritance. I wanted to get my boy back, but I saw how happy you were. You were a family. You loved him. I watched from afar, and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t take that away. Also, your parents had adopted him by then, so it would’ve been a disaster, so I stayed away.”

“So, you’re giving us money now? Why me too?”

“I’m not. I’m giving you part of my inheritance now to expedite the process, but your family will get the rest later too,” Suzanne explained. “I’m sick, Claire. I don’t have long, so I guess giving him up was God’s will. He needed to be with you and your family all along. And you’ll be getting all my money soon.”

“No, there must be something you can do. With all that money, you can pay for the best doctors,” Claire countered, not knowing what else to say. She didn’t know this woman but because she was Gabriel’s biological mother, that made her part of their family in a way.

“No, Claire. It’s… not possible. I was hoping to talk to your parents and thank them for taking my boy in too, so if they can call me, I would really appreciate it,” Suzanne added.

They hung up after a few minutes, but Claire promised to get her parents to call.

They did that night. Suzanne thanked Cindy and Mark and explained herself to them. Later, they told Gabriel everything. He knew he was adopted, but this news shocked the young boy.

Initially, they wanted to make plans to meet Suzanne, but she died just a few days after that phone call, and they never got the chance.

Eventually, they received the $2.7 million Suzanne promised, but more money came in, which included a trust fund for Gabriel and a huge house in the more affluent part of their town.

Their family could finally stop worrying about money, but they worked hard not to let this new era in their lives affect their dynamic. They spent time together. Cindy and Mark still worked hard every day, and most of their money was kept safely away for the future.

Claire grew up knowing that Gabriel was the answer to her childhood prayers, even if others thought it was just a coincidence. But after learning about Suzanne, she knew she was right. It was meant to be. Her little brother was her best friend and her favorite person.

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