Usually, being a police officer isn’t only about catching bad guys. Thus they are a major part of our community. There are many occasions when cops go over and beyond to help others in need. Most of these acts evidentiate the big hearts they possess underneath the harsh looks.

Now you are about to read of many officers who went out of their usual routine to be with a kid in commemoration of a lost officer.

Officer Charlie Kondek was an officer who played an important role in the Tarpon Springs Police Department.

However, what should have been a routine noise complaint call turned out to be rather different. Kondek’s life was stolen shortly after arriving on the site.

Officer Kondek’s death shocked the whole town. As a minor police force, the loss of the beloved had a great impact on the life of every officer who operated there.

Although it was his family, notably his lovely daughter Aleena, who endured the most.

Officer Kondek, like most cops, was dedicated to both his career and his family.

However, other officers had to persevere despite the difficulties. Teresa, his wife, and Aleena, his daughter, had to figure out how to go on without the husband and dad they loved.

With the loss of the greatest support to the family, the Kondeks were well aware that they would encounter several hurdles in the future. Among them, one was to arise soon.

Aleena’s prom was approaching. Luckily, Mrs Kondek thought ahead and came up with a brilliant plan. To the execution, she had to get along with her husband’s fellow officers.

Teresa consulted Major Jeff Young, and the idea was next conveyed to other officers.

They all agreed that they wanted to be a part of the plan.

Yet the officers weren’t only the members in the plan. Teresa had planned some others to accompany Aleena to her prom.

Aleena had been looking forward to the prom. Yet she was down by her father’s loss. She had no idea what was about to happen.

On the prom day, Aleena Arode took the bus to school. Officer Kondek’s daughter, on the other hand, was in for a big surprise when she arrived. Escorts were supported by a group of her father’s associates.

Everyone’s eyes welled up with tears just hearing witnessing it.

But it was not the only Surprise. The officers displayed a sign stating, “Charlie… we’ve got your back,”. Along with that, they had numerous images of Kondek and his badge.

Aleena was overjoyed to see what her father’s friends had done for her.

They all hugged this lovely young lady before entering the dance.

Aleena mentioned that the officer’s presence made her feel like her dad was there with her.

Aleena was asked how she was feeling at one time. Her words were as follows. “They keep saying, ‘never forget,’ and I totally compromise. They’re always contacting me, asking how I’m doing, and they help me with things that my father did, which is incredible. “I adore every single one of them.”

Aleena will remember her high school prom for the rest of her life.

Check out how the police surprised Aleena at prom in the incredible video below!


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