Paramore have sent fans into a panic after suddenly wiping their social media accounts and deleting their website.

When an artist makes a bold move like this, it usually means one of two things: either something terrible has happened and they’ve decided to call it quits on their career, or there’s something big coming.

The band released their latest album, This Is Why, in February 2023 and released singles including ‘This Is Why’ and ‘Running Out Of Time’ alongside it.

Fans have been enjoying the new tracks, but all of a sudden all official Paramore-related social media content has disappeared from existence.

The band’s Instagram and X pages still exist, but have been wiped clean and left with nothing but a link to the band’s website, which now displays a message reading: “404 Not Found.”

Lead singer Hayley Williams’ accounts have received the same treatment, with all content removed from her Instagram and her personal website displaying the same 404 error.

With the drastic move coming in the middle of the festive season, it’s not the Christmas present fans might have been hoping to receive from the band.

Paramore fans have been left panicking over the move. Credit: X
Paramore fans have been left panicking over the move. Credit: X

The social media wipe comes just two weeks after Paramore conducted an interview with Uproxx in which drummer Zac Farro stated: “Paramore is always with us. Everywhere we go.”

The band are still slated to go on tour with Taylor Swift next year as the support band for her Eras tour, and Farro added in the interview that he hoped to ‘keep building the Paramore empire and then rule the world’, indicating that their disappearance from social media wasn’t the result of a disaster.

However, with no official statement to confirm that theory, fans have been left to speculate.

Paramore supporters have flooded to Reddit to share their thoughts on the situation, with many drawing on the point that the band have fulfilled all of their label obligations and are now ‘free agents’.

Paramore have just been on tour with This Is Why. Credit: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images
Paramore have just been on tour with This Is Why. Credit: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

One fan wrote: “It is likely the record company maintained those accounts. If they’ve terminated their contract, their record company doesn’t have to cover those anymore.

“If the band wants to have an online presence, they have to pay someone to do it or do it themselves.”

Another pointed out: “It’s become a relatively common thing for artists to nuke all their socials before starting a new era/album cycle etc.”

Others have expressed their hopes that Paramore won’t split up, with one Reddit user writing: “I think if they were actually disbanding they’d just say it. They obviously have a strong relationship with fans and don’t think they’d be cryptic over a break up.”

With the world left wondering, we’ll just have to wait and see whether Paramore decide to speak out about their move.

UNILAD has contacted a representative for Paramore for comment.

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