It’s adorable to see, and I doubt whether my puppies would behave similarly.

Sky and Kakoa really aren’t just usual canines. In a manner, these dogs are well-known people. Their master posts footage of them enjoying their time on ‘My Mountain Husky’s ‘YouTube account. They are equally well-liked on Instagram as well. Their follower count is well over 36k.

According to their owner, Kakoa is an Agouti Siberian Husky, and Sky is a black-and-white Siberian Husky.

Countless clips of the two adorable canines have been uploaded to their youtube channel, and they’ve received well over 510 million views.

In one of their most recent videos, their master left them isolated in a large room with tennis balls, and he captured their responses.

According to the clip, the man transports 2,000 tennis balls to their home in Nevada. After placing all the tennis balls inside the living area, he leads the huskies to the house.

The master put a GoPro on Sky to ensure that he will not skip any action of the two closest companions when he is far from home; he has installed a triple-camera setup inside the property.

So after bringing the huskies inside, he leads them to the main entrance and instructs them to be good guys while he is gone for a little.

The dogs look slightly puzzled when their master closes the door behind them. Afterward, they start walking to the living room and kitchen.

As they get to the living room, they witness the balls. With a bit of hesitation, they approach them. But goes to the door again.

Using a note, the owner explains that the dogs make sure their owner has left.

After some time behind the doors, they return to the living room. It is a mini-dog paradise.

Kakao is more excited now. He really needs Sky to play with him. They get to play, but not for long. Soon they get tired and return again to the door.

Then the owner returns through the door, and the joys start spreading again. The doggies are much happier. Once they were taken to the living room, the real party started!

After all, it is clear that the tennis balls couldn’t do better without the presence of an actual human. Not even 2000 balls!

Once the owner of Kakoa and Sky starts throwing balls around, the pair begins to get excited, chasing the balls while jumping and running happily.

The scene has gone viral, gaining more than 5.6 million with 73k likes. The viewers were thrilled to watch the reactions of the adorable huskies.

The video was overflowing with comments with love for the dogs.

One commenter said that the owner missed the point. It was not the tennis balls that contained the fun but him.

Another person added; It is so nice to watch how the doggies become excited to see their humanity, and they are pure souls.

It is undoubtedly a clear fact – the games are enjoyable and meaningful only if the humans are with them.

See the below clip to catch up on the adorable huskies’ reaction.


YouTube video


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