Meet Nyakim Gatwech, an African American model with South Sudanese roots who wants to teach people not to be afraid of the dark. With her dark skin and strong will, the dark skin model is breaking the rules of traditional beauty and inspiring others to do the same.

The African model and fashion icon, who is 24 years old and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has no shame about her dark skin and makes sure everyone knows it. “My chocolate is sophisticated. So that’s what I stand for. “A nation of warriors,” she wrote the caption for one of her Instagram photos, which usually get more than 10,000 likes each. In another, she talks about a time when an Uber driver told her she should try “bleaching” her skin, and all she could do was laugh. “You wouldn’t believe the questions I get because I have dark skin.”

Gatwech fights for diversity in the fashion industry, and she also speaks up for Black rights around the world. She has even been called “Queen of Darkness,” a name she is happy to have.” Love the skin you’re in, no matter how dark or light it is” she said.

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Nyakim Gatwech, who is 24 years old, is making waves in the fashion world with her beautiful dark skin.

Before she became famous, though, not everyone appreciated the South Sudanese model’s unique beauty.

In 2016, an Uber driver told her she should lighten her skin, implying that her dark skin wasn’t attractive.

She just laughed, and she has been proud of her striking looks ever since then.

“My chocolate is sophisticated. So that’s what I stand for… A country of warriors,” she wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo.

Nyakim is a voice of hope for the Black community. He now lives in Minneapolis.

“You are more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen, and I love you because you are me,” she wrote.

“Let’s show the world that we’re smart,pretty, and not just dark-skinned.we are more better than that”

Over 900,000 people now follow the up-and-coming fashion icon on Instagram.

Even though she gets some negative messages, she won’t give up her beautiful self-love.

She has even been called “Queen of the Dark,” a name she is happy to have.

“My skin loves the sun, and my hair doesn’t follow the rules of physics. You can no longer say that I’m not magical.”

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