Whoopi Goldberg has been a part of our lives through entertainment for many years. It doesn’t matter if it is in the movies, Sister Act or Ghost, or her role on TV, such as on Star Trek or even The View, she just continues to be an entertainer that we enjoy.

She is more than an entertainment icon, however, she is a mother, grandmother, and even a great-grandmother. She has had a degree of success that is not often seen in the entertainment industry, but she focuses on her family whenever possible.

Goldberg, who is now well into her 60s, may be aging but she is also someone who has decided to age gracefully. People will often ask her about getting older, and everybody seems to have an opinion but she just continues to make us laugh.

When it comes to people being critical, Goldberg is well aware of the possibilities. She has been judged on everything about her, from her personality to her appearance, especially her hair.

Even producers that she worked for would speak harshly about her hair and it was a source of irritation, but she would snap back quickly. Sometimes, this would even bother her as she would be aware that she had upset someone.

Fortunately, there was someone who gave her some loving guidance to the difficulties. It was one of the few African-Americans who did well in Hollywood during the 60s, Sydney Portier.

Goldberg was married to her first husband, Alvin Martin, in 1973 and they have a daughter together. It was a six-year marriage, which was her longest of three.

After separating from Alvin Martin and getting divorced, she again married to David Claessen in 1986. After that short marriage, she was wed to Lyle Trachtenberg for about a year before the marriage ended.

Goldberg may have been married multiple times but she admits she never loved any of them. She was just looking for a normal life, and thought that marriage would bring it to her.

She was also questioned about her graying hair and said that she doesn’t mind letting it grow. It sometimes is hidden because she pushes her hair up, but she isn’t bothered by the aging process.

She also feels that her fashion style did well in helping her to age gracefully.

She said: “I didn’t have the same problems a beautiful actress has. I don’t have to worry about it. My stuff’s going to sag and fall and I will be fine. My chest is gonna do what it does. I can age the way I age.”

Despite her difficulties with marriage, she continues to be committed to her family life. She is also an independent woman who has found a lot of joy in life doing what she does best, entertaining us.

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