When Michael Landon became a star, he quickly reached a level of popularity that is not often seen. It started early in his career when he displayed his rugged good looks as a cowboy, and at other times, he was a loving father helping his family on the Prairie.

Although you may have appreciated Michael Landon, both for his appearance and for the roles that he played in various television shows, there was also something else that was happening. Despite the fact that there were a lot of good looks on the exterior, there was a lot of tragedy taking place in his life.

His daughter came forward a few decades after he died and removed the veil over what was hiding her father’s true experience. She let us see what was happening and we can’t help but feel for him because of what he had to go through.

Michael Landon was so much more than the characters he portrayed on television. He went through ups and downs in his life and will leave behind a legacy that is still exist today. His daughter had a lot to say about him, and it helps us to understand who he was.

If you would like to learn more about Michael Landon and his life, you can explore his personal struggles and triumphs in the following video. They are shown through the eyes of his daughter, and you will come away with a deeper appreciation for who he was.

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