At just six weeks old, this baby is already flaunting some serious style, courtesy of her trendy mom, Florentina Cunningham. Showing a love for luxury, Florentina treats her newborn to lavish designer goodies, from chic Chanel baby bags to snuggly Hermès blankets. However, not everyone is on board with her choices, and the online community has been quick to criticize, especially when it comes to the unconventional name she chose for her daughter.

She had longed for a baby girl her entire pregnancy

Becoming a mother is a considerably significant dream for some women, with boundless love regardless of the baby’s gender. Florentina Cunningham, a glamorous Scottish woman, eagerly anticipated having a baby girl throughout her pregnancy, and the joyous moment arrived at her gender reveal party with the eruption of pink smoke, fulfilling her dream.

Overflowing with happiness, Florentina transformed her baby girl’s nursery into a pink paradise and began searching for the most adorable baby girl’s outfits. Initially driven by a desire to make her newborn happy, Florentina’s intentions took an unexpected turn when she started indulging her baby with lavish pink-themed decorations for the nursery.

Despite her genuine intentions, Florentina’s focus on the color pink and her extravagant choices stirred unexpected criticism, challenging the simplicity of her initial goal as a new mom.

High-end and designer clothing for her infant daughter

In the wild world of Florentina and her little one, Queenianna, the concept of “spoiling” takes on a whole new meaning. Well before the baby’s arrival, the groundwork for an opulent lifestyle was laid with the acquisition of a Chanel purse, a prelude to an expansive and expensive wardrobe collection.
“We went shopping in London in the summer, where we bought our baby her very first Chanel bag before she was born,” the mom says. This collection, however, was not the standard fare; it comprised bespoke outfits from an Italian designer, setting the stage for a life steeped in high-end fashion.

Post-birth, the spoiling only intensified. Queenianna’s possessions now include Louis Vuitton and Hermès baby blankets, designer purses, and ensembles from prestigious fashion houses such as Burberry, Versace, and Dior. Far from reaching a saturation point, Florentina’s not stopping there—Christmas is just around the corner, and she’s got plans to up the ante on her daughter’s already decked-out collection.

Why she decided to shower her baby with such expensive stuff

While conscious of potential criticism for bestowing such extravagance upon a six-week-old, Florentina justifies her actions by casting Queenianna as nothing short of royalty. The daughter, in her eyes, deserves a wardrobe befitting a queen. “I always want to give my daughter the best,” she confirms.

But it’s not all about the material stuff. Florentina also spilled the beans on her favorite mommy-daughter activity—pampered evenings. Think cozy dressing gowns, slippers, and a whole ritual of applying fancy baby products. Imagine a mother enveloping her baby in a cozy dressing gown and slippers while applying luxurious baby products—a portrayal of tender moments shared between the two. And guess what? Queenianna loves every bit of it and Floretina can’t wait to do more things like this together when her daughter grows up.

Facing a barrage of criticism for both her daughter’s name and her approach to motherhood

Florentina thrives on standing out and adding an extra touch of flair. This inclination for extravagance isn’t just limited to her daughter; it’s a reflection of her motherhood style and her personality. However, not everyone grasps her approach, and as she shares her life on social media, Florentina finds herself inundated with a barrage of negative comments.

On social media, it’s a clash of opinions as some folks criticize Florentina’s style, calling Queenianna “spoiled” and comparing her to a little doll. And it’s not just about parenting; people are throwing shade on the baby’s name too. Some think it’s downright awful, and one person even feels sorry for the kid, calling the name “horrendous.” Another user said that names such as this one shouldn’t be allowed to be registered.

A mixed bag of thoughts about Florentina’s way of parenting and the quirky name she picked for Queenianna, sparked some real debates.

She fiercely responded to critics, proof of her unwavering confidence in how she’s raising Queenianna

Florentina clarified that her actions stem from a personal preference for standing out and breaking away from the norm, a sentiment she wishes to pass on to her daughter, Queenianna. She eagerly anticipates the future, envisioning her daughter growing up to encounter a myriad of luxurious experiences. The mother takes immense pride in her daughter and the extravagant lifestyle she has provided for her.

“It’s been my dream to have a little girl and I couldn’t wait to meet my baby girl and spoil her with lovely things,” she claims.

While Florentina was dealing with a bunch of haters, there were also some folks sending her good vibes. Not everyone was dissing her — someone actually loved her baby girl’s name and called it “beautiful.” Another follower went all in, saying Queenianna was not just a queen by name but also by nature and a bunch of other people “joined the party”, agreeing that Florentina’s daughter is a queen through and through, both in her character and her name.

In the sea of opinions, it wasn’t all negativity. Florentina got some props and virtual high-fives from users who appreciated her and congratulated her on the whole mom journey. It’s like a mix of tough love and digital cheerleading, creating this online vibe that’s all over the place when it comes to Florentina and her choices as a mom.

Every parent embarks on a personal journey, whether it’s one that they share or that is accepted by others. Celebrities, like David Beckham, have faced criticism for the way he spoils his little daughter.


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