Like many super celebrities, Julia Roberts does her best to protect her family. This includes keeping her daughter, Hazel, out of the public eye but recently, we saw her on the red carpet and everyone was talking.

Hazel was with her father at the Film Festival in France in July. They were promoting the film, Flag Day, and her father was the choreographer and Sean Penn was the director.

Sean Penn’s children were in the film and although Hazel wasn’t in it, she did support her father by attending the ceremony. When she stepped out on the red carpet, people couldn’t help but recognize how beautiful she was.

Some people claim that she has inherited her mother’s nose but others think she looks more like her father. As is the case with many children, she is a combination of both of her parents.

You could also tell how proud Moder was of his child because he was with her for most of the night.

We aren’t really sure if Hazel or her siblings are going to pursue a profession as actors, and the parents aren’t saying much about it. They tend to keep them from the public eye, which is good considering how famous the parents are.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how much more we see her on the red carpet.

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