Tim McGraw has had success throughout his whole career. The vocalist has accomplished what many other artists consider to be an unattainable goal, having established a successful music career that has spanned many decades.

But despite all of his success in the music industry, McGraw is most thankful that he was able to find and marry the woman he has spent his whole life with, Faith Hill.

McGraw is still as captivated with Hill as he was when they first met, even though a significant amount of time has elapsed since then, and he has not been bashful about displaying it to the public.

The musician known for his hit song “It’s Your Love” referred to Hill as his closest friend, soul mate, and the love of his life. He also said that she was a terrific lady and a wonderful example to their three lovely kids, Gracie, Maggie Elizabeth, and Audrey Caroline.

As a result of McGraw’s successful music career, he became used to living the life of a rock star, which included doing excellent performances and celebrating with nonstop parties.

The unfortunate reality is that the demands of being at the top of the charts caused the singer of “Humble and Kind” to become more dependant on mood-altering substances.

By the time his third daughter was born, he had already begun a downward spiral that put him in danger of losing the one thing he valued most in the world: his family.

Hill had had enough, so she presented him with an impossible choice: he could either spend more time with his family or pursue his career as a rock star. The request served as the wake-up call that McGraw had been in desperate need of all along.

He immediately gave up all he was doing and redirected his attention into improving himself as a husband to Hill and as a father to his daughters.

Hill’s strong belief in the institution of marriage had preserved his life, and he vowed that he would never again put his family in danger.

“In a number of ways, she saved my life, but the most important way was saving me from myself. Sometimes I find myself going down a bleak path, and she is the one who brings me back, so my marriage has helped me become a better person overall.”

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