Andy Cohen, the presenter of “Watch What Happens Live,” invited an extraordinary visitor to BravoCon on the 16th of October, 2022. The television celebrity Lucy Eve Cohen, who was only five months old at the time, stood at her father’s side when he presented the reality program convention.

The presenter recently published a pair of images on Instagram, in which he can be seen cradling his daughter while performing on stage. In the photographs, Andy can be seen sitting with Lucy on his lap, supporting her with one hand. The host simply wrote, “Bring your Daughter to #BravoCon Day!” as the caption for the photographs on their Instagram account.

Just looking at the comments area on Instagram gives one an idea of how well received the post was by the audience. People really loved seeing the Bravo actor with his kid, and many of those people thought Lucy was cute and referred to her as such. Even Khloe Kardashian weighed in, responding to the tweet with the following statement:

“What an absolutely beautiful and kind Angel.”

Another user said, “Now that’s a cute baby!” in response to the photo. It seemed that Lucy would be known by this moniker for some time to come as more people began to call her “Angel.” Lucy was referred to as a “Divine Angel” by Naomi Campbell in her response.


During the “Ask Andy” session that took place during the conference, the presenter discussed parenting with his audience as well as his personal approach to raising his children. In light of the fact that Lucy is Andy’s second kid, his counsel was spot on. Benjamin Allen, her elder brother, turned 3 years old recently. Andy gave the piece of advise that the most important thing for a parent to do is to be present:


“Get aid. Simply make an effort to be present. Figure out what kind of connection you have with your phone. Be sure to enjoy yourself. And get aid.”

Andy later provided the response, “Both!” in response to the question of which celebrity mom he would prefer seek advice from: Sarah Jessica Parker or Kelly Ripa. He said that he has a great deal of regard for both of their perspectives on the issue and that he already relies on them for assistance. He stated that the two women are always prepared with a solution for him whenever he encounters a challenge.

The television producer’s family was growing, therefore they need some more space in their house. Andy has just purchased a brand new house in order to make room for his newborn daughter. Reportedly, the home is a prewar duplex penthouse that may be found in the West Village of Manhattan in New York City.

The Brand-New Apartment of Andy


The penthouse may be found on the 17th floor of a structure that is situated to the north of Canal Street. The home has a charming appearance inside and out, with excellent furnishings and architecture, such as ceilings with beams. The apartment has incredible views over the rest of Manhattan and is equipped with a French door that can be found in the kitchen.


In addition to the wonderful solarium that comes with the property, the family will have the opportunity to enjoy an additional 2,000 square feet of outdoor area thanks to the addition of a terrace. There are a total of four bathrooms and three bedrooms available in this home. At the time of the most recent listing, the property was being sought for around $18.3 million.

In addition to that, the penthouse is filled with old furniture. There will be a significant amount of additional work that must be done, on top of what the TV celebrity will already be required to pay for the property. However, Andy is still residing in the duplex that is located nearby for the time being.

The new duplex also has an interesting history behind its name. The renowned architect Emery Roth was responsible for the building’s design in 1929 while it was being constructed by the Bing Brothers in 1930. Willard Taylor and Virginia Davies, both of whom are active in fundraising for the Democratic Party and are based in New York, are the current sellers.

On the ground floor of the structure is located the kitchen, a sizable living room, a powder room, as well as a bedroom/study that has a bathroom adjacent to it. The top level, which has incredible ceiling heights of 14 feet, is home to a bedroom as well as a bathroom. However, what really sets the tone for the top level and makes it stand out is probably undoubtedly the enormous great room.


Emery Roth, who is responsible for the design of several high-end apartment complexes in New York City, has these two structures included in his extensive portfolio of work. In addition to that, the Bing Brothers relied on him as their go-to architect. He was famous for extravagant designs and vast interiors.


Andy’s life may be quite hectic, what with him being the brains behind “The Real Housewives” and the presenter of many programs. When he was raising Benjamin Allen, his son who was born to him through surrogate, he was able to establish a strong network of support for himself.

The man who was born and raised in St. Louis said that he is surrounded by a large number of wonderful ladies who are always there for him when he needs support and guidance. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Ripa are also members of this organization, and they are the ones that proposed nannies. The single parent reflected on the challenges of parenting his son:

“You are aware that everything has been wonderful up to this point. I have a significant amount of backing. Because of him, I have a lot of ladies in my life that are assisting me, and he makes it incredibly simple for them to do so. He is a happy and wonderful child who adds a lot of joy to the situation. I get new knowledge on a daily basis.”

Andy is a very busy guy, but he claims that he is able to spend a good deal of time with his children throughout the day and that he always makes an effort to be there. Andy used to say that when Benjamin was smaller, he wouldn’t leave to conduct his program until after the youngster had gone to bed since it made things easier.


Andy said that being there is one of the most important factors in cultivating a healthy connection between parents and their children. He went on to say that he wants his kids to know that he would always be there for them and that he always has been. Especially considering the fact that all of his occupations keep him very busy:


“You want him to be aware that you are around and that you are going to continue to be around, but that is difficult for me to do given the number of jobs I have. You won’t believe it, but I spend the whole day going in and out of my house. It’s fantastic that he gets to see me many times during the day.”

Andy also makes it a point to spend time of substance with his children. Back in the year 2021, the radio presenter and his kid dressed up in costumes that matched those of astronauts. They participated in trick-or-treating together and came home with a large bag full of treats for Halloween. He recommends that parents keep in contact with their young children via normal, everyday activities such as this.

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