Some of us may complain about living too close to our neighbors. We’d like a little bit of elbow room and it’s good to spread out and have a little bit of breathing space as well.

Then again, you can see the way others live at times and it may make you feel better about your own situation. It came to light in an interesting way when a viral TikTok video showed a massive building in China, the dystopian apartment.

The dystopian apartment is able to accommodate some 30,000 residents, and it does so all in a single building. It isn’t just the fact that it can hold so many people, however, the design of the building is actually quite ingenious as well.

Perhaps you have heard about the dystopian society in the past, and typically it does not depict itself as being a very interesting way to live. Many of those fiction works even show a lack of humanity among those living there.

Now that this building is a reality in China, however, we see that there is plenty of humanity in place. It was designed by Alicia Loo, the chief designer of the Singapore Sands Hotel. In 2013, the 675-foot tall building was built and 20,000 residents are already living in it.

The building is shaped like an S and has between 36 and 39 floors, depending on where you’re looking. Speaking of densely populated areas, it is the most densely populated in the world with so many living together under a single roof.

There are some 30 floors of the building that have a multitude of amenities, from grocery stores to swimming pools and restaurants. You can find anything that you need under the roof of this dystopian apartment, which means that many of the residents are never going to leave home.

This may seem like a good thing but what about getting some exercise and sunlight? If you live in the dystopian apartment, you are to required to stay indoors but you may just find it to be a convenient way to live and it wouldn’t take much to get some fresh air.

There are many advantages to living in a building like this but there are also disadvantages. People tend to be curious, and they may wonder how many people could live in a single space. In China, they built the dystonia department but in the United States, most people love their privacy.

One of the problems with having this type of housing solution is the lack of personal space and an inability to get fresh air without going away from the apartment. A simple walk may be able to help or renting a larger unit with a balcony may give some of the fresh air you need.

One thing is for sure, it’s a unique way to live.

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