Although there have been many iconic singers over the years, there are a few that seem to rise to the top of the list, anytime we think about them. One of those singers is Willie Nelson and it doesn’t matter if you enjoyed his music or not, you have to admit that he had a serious impact on the music scene and continues to do so down to this day. Some of his songs are so well-known that people of multiple generations are able to sing them by heart.

Now that Willie is older, his son Lukas is beginning to show up in the spotlight more and more often. For the majority of his young life, you didn’t hear much about him but recently, he has been seen in many online videos and it seems as if he has a voice that is just as good as his father’s. If you never had the opportunity to hear it, you should take a moment to listen to him singing his father’s iconic song, “Always on My Mind”. You might just say that he is a ‘chip off the old block’.

Lukas Nelson is really starting to spread his wings in an artistic way and he is getting further and further into the music scene. He is part of the group, ‘Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real’ and they tour the country on a regular basis to share their music. Their official Facebook page is liked by more than 150,000 people so it’s easy to see they have already amassed quite a following.

Even though Lukas is singing without his backup, his performance of Always on My Mind is one for the books. His voice is enough that any music critic, regardless of how tough they happen to be is certain to become a fan.

It’s hard to believe that the original version of this all was released some 35 years ago. Even though that is the case, it still has the ability to move others and when you hear this live performance, you will want to hear it over and over again:

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