One of the struggles that many of us face in these difficult times is a struggle with our budget. We may find it difficult to make it from one week to the next and paying the important bills may even be a struggle.

When we stop to think about the difficulties we are facing paying the rent and buying groceries, we may long for a break. Perhaps we imagine sitting in a luxury resort, staring out the window and watching the world go by. It’s a beautiful scene, but is it realistic?

Josh Kerr is a TikTok user who was looking for such a deal. He wanted an all-inclusive holiday, but he ended up with a life that really was to his benefit.

When looking for the deal of a lifetime, he found out that you could save some money by staying for 28 nights. When he ran the numbers, he was shocked to find that it would be cheaper for him to take a holiday for an entire month than to pay his rent for the month.

The five-star resort that he was looking into was in Turkey. It is all-inclusive and has a gym, pool, and much more. The cost for a 28-day stay would be the equivalent of $1,175. His rent, bills, and everything else were slightly higher. In fact, his monthly expenses didn’t even include food and drink.

Eventually, he found himself sitting on the beach at Port River Hotel and Spa in Turkey. He was enjoying good drinks, eating plenty of good food, and was only 300 m away from a beautiful beach. He also was able to visit a nearby old city in case he needed a change of scenery.

It didn’t take long for people to show up and start praising him for his hack. Many of them thought it was genius and would like to do something similar.

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