Leslie Uggams began her journey as a talented singer, recording a song for MGM at the age of 10. Encouraged by her aunt, Eloise Uggams, a singer herself, Leslie pursued her passion and received training at the Professional Children’s School and the prestigious Julliard School of Music in New York.

By 1969, Leslie had her own TV variety show called “The Leslie Uggams Show,” making her the first black person to host a network variety show since “The Nat King Cole Show.

Behind the scenes, Leslie’s path crossed with actor Grahame Pratt. They first met at the Professional Children’s School in New York, where they were both students. However, fate brought them together again during one of Leslie’s celebrity tours in Australia, and they fell in love.

Overcoming Interracial Challenges

Leslie was well aware of the challenges of dating a white man, as she had faced resistance in her teenage years. Her aunt had advised her against pursuing such relationships. However, Leslie found herself deeply falling for Grahame, despite her family’s potential disapproval.

Despite concerns about her family’s reaction and the implications of Grahame moving to the United States, their love prevailed. Grahame visited Leslie in New York after a five-month engagement to ensure her family’s acceptance.

Leslie’s worries about interracial marriage were alleviated because Grahame was Australian and didn’t carry the same self-consciousness that many white Americans did. He effortlessly blended in with Leslie’s friends, who embraced him wholeheartedly.

Love Endures Amid Challenges
While living in New York, Leslie and Grahame didn’t face the same racial challenges that the rest of the country experienced. However, they still received hate mail due to their interracial marriage.

Leslie acknowledged that although it wasn’t as difficult as she had anticipated, they did encounter occasional anonymous letters criticizing their union. She recalled receiving one such letter in Detroit, addressing her as “The Little Negro Entertainer,” which was hurtful to read.

Despite the challenges, Leslie and Grahame remained strong. Grahame became Leslie’s manager, and the couple had two daughters, Danielle in 1970 and Justice in 1976.

A Remarkable Career and Lasting Love
Throughout her career, Leslie Uggams achieved notable success. She received an Emmy nomination for her role as Kizzy in the miniseries “Roots” and another Emmy nomination for her portrayal of Lillian Rogers Parks in “Backstairs at the White House.”

Leslie’s talent extended beyond acting. She won a Daytime Emmy Award in 1983 as the host of the NBC game show “Fantasy” and made appearances as herself on various television shows.

Despite the ups and downs of life, Leslie and Grahame’s love endured. They are still happily married after 55 years, cherishing their time together. Their journey as a couple serves as a testament to the power of love overcoming societal barriers.

Leslie Uggams and Grahame Pratt’s story is a remarkable tale of love that defied expectations and prevailed against all odds. It reminds us that true love knows no boundaries and that relationships built on respect, understanding, and genuine connection can withstand any challenges that come their way.

If you are in an interracial relationship or facing societal obstacles in your love life, Leslie and Grahame’s story can inspire and provide hope. Love has the power to conquer all.

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