Anna Kournikova became one of the best players in the world of tennis during her day, reaching as high as No. 8 in the world rankings.

Despite that, the Russian star never won a singles title. Because of injuries, Anna was forced to give up her career at age 22. Even so, sponsorship and endorsement deals continued to flood in, and she soon became one of the most ‘Googled’ people globally. 

After her career ended, Kournikova became a big celebrity through several television productions, modeling, and other projects. Her marriage to Enrique Iglesias also whet the appetite of entertainment newspapers – these days, the couple live a somewhat quieter life with their children. 

So what does Anna Kournikova do today? And what does the 40-year-old look like? This is all you need to know about her!

Anna Kournikova


Many young people dream about becoming celebrities and achieving fame in a chosen field. With that in mind, the most important things behind becoming successful, be it an entertainment star in Hollywood, the brightest shining singer in opera, or the best dancer and performer on Broadway, are hard work, believing in yourself, and dedication.

That also goes for the world of sports, where young, promising athletes fight tooth and nail to make it.

Of course, though the road to fame is a notoriously tough one, it’s important to remember that the higher you rise, the longer you have to fall.

Anna Kournikova – tennis star and global brand

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