The View has been on television for going on three decades. In that time, it’s seen some of the most interesting exchanges on television. When Survivor celebrity Elizabeth Hasselbeck joined, the show got a bit of a political push.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, the show has gone full-tilt into politics, with a deep dive to the left. It’s become so awful that a group of more than one million fans sent ABC a petition to remove Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg.

“We want our show back,” the petition states, “which means no more screaming until the guests comply or calling people names for no reason.”

The petition references Whoopi’s obsession with the Hero of Kenosha, Kyle Rittenhouse, as well as the recently unified bashing of Jason Aldean by all of the hosts.

ABC Executive Vice President in Charge of Responding to Satire, Joe Barron, said the network will probably dismiss the petition, since it’s an obviously fabricated right-wing ploy to shut down a show they think is failing. “We’re not sure why,” said Barron, “but they seem to think nobody watches anymore. Even though it’s been the highest-rated talk show on daytime television…forever.”

We couldn’t confirm or deny the ratings of the actual show, since we don’t actually know or care, but in this timeline, the show is the worst thing to ever happen to ABC. It gets canceled pretty much weekly at this point. That rascally Whoopi gets sued all the time.

Whoopi Goldberg, once again, refused to give this even a single second of extra exposure, even though we’d really appreciate a nod for the Greg Abbott thing. God Bless America.

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