The advancement of technology today means most moms-to-be in the Western world can see remarkable 3D images of their babies while they’re still growing in the womb.

There’s very little wondering about what your baby will look like and the sex anymore thanks to these amazing scans.

But what doctors can’t show is your baby’s coloring, how much hair they’ll have, and the color of their eyes.

When baby Bence was born on the 2nd Day of Christmas in 2015, at a hospital in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. When he arrived, the little boy left his parents shocked and doctors scratching their heads.

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This sweet bundle of joy was not only born with a full head of hair, but his hair was milk-white.

The newborn was soon met with laughter in the delivery room. No one at the hospital had ever seen a baby with such white hair.

As the third child born to his parents, they wondered what the reason could be for this real-life Benjamin Button as doctors ran a series of tests to determine the cause.

But Baby Bence was born a healthy 12-pound baby and as a chilled little bundle, there was no sign that he was in any discomfort.

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While his parents Tamas and Klaudia were overjoyed at the arrival of their happy, healthy baby, doctors were ruling out a number of possible causes, including albinism, the genetic disorder that causes the skin, hair, or eyes to have little or no color.

Other possible explanations were stress or anxiety triggered by the mother during pregnancy, but this was also ruled out.

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“According to doctors, white hair in babies is in fact usually associated with genetics. Often, it can be caused by vitamin B12 deficiency or even mutant hair cells,” reports.

But whatever the reason for this rare coloring Baby Bence is winning the hearts of not just the internet but also hospital staff who have nicknamed this beautiful baby “Prince Charming”.

The daddy, Tamás, revealed to a local newspaper that neither parent has white hair — although Tamás was blond until he was three.

But he was nowhere near as bright as Bence, whose eyebrows and eyelashes didn’t show because they were so bright.

See more of this adorable boy in the clip below.

Please share if you too are in love with this gorgeous bundle! We wish him a happy and healthy future.

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