Callum Robinson is a surfer who was visiting Mexico with his brother and a friend from America. He is from Australia, and the three of them were just down there to have a good time but things went horribly wrong.

Unfortunately, they were all found dead at the bottom of a 50 foot well in Baja, California. Reports are that they were killed in the process of a robbery gone wrong.

Authorities in Mexico feel that the violent robbery was set to steal the tires from their car. The chief state prosecutor said: “They approached, with the intention of stealing their vehicle and taking the tires and other parts to put them on the older-model pickup they were driving.”

The 33-year-old surfer had called his girlfriend, Emily Horwath and left her a voice message. It would be the final message she ever left for her. She posted it on Instagram.

He said: “Happy Tuesday! Good morning.

“It’s 11:11 and I’m just thinking about you. Just wanted to drop you a quick message and say hello, baby.

“Hope you’re having a phenomenal start to your day. I’m sensing a big grin on your face for some reason today. I hope you’re full of positivity and smiles.

“Cheers, baby. Miss ya.”

She is really struggling to deal with life without him at this point. She is also telling others to let people know that they love him every day and not to let the small stuff bother them. She is trying to turn his death into something positive.

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