There are some people that we seem to freeze in time, and that is especially true of child stars. We know that they grew up with us in many different ways, but inside of our minds, they stopped growing at some point.

Ricky Schroder seems to be one of those individuals in the minds of many who grew up in the 1970s. He won a Golden Globe for his part in the movie The Champ, and then he went on to play on Silver Spoons.

After the show was over, Schroder decided to be more of a serious actor. He did play and a number of different shows, including NYPD Blue and Scrubs.

At one point in the early 2000s, he decided to produce and direct a project called Black Cloud. He ended up winning a Best Director award, so it seems as if he was talented in that way as well.

Unfortunately, his personal life was not quite as stellar as what was going on in front of the camera. He was arrested for domestic violence in 1992 and charged with assault and battery. He apparently had beaten his girlfriend at the time.

Later, the two of them were married and had four children together, but they divorced in 2016. At that point, Ricky began a downward spiral and started partying constantly.

Eventually, he was arrested for domestic abuse again against his girlfriend in 2019, and he had to pay $50,000 bail. The case was eventually dismissed.

He has been slightly active on social media, but for the most part, he has stayed out of the limelight. One of the things that many people found interesting is when he posted something on Instagram wearing a hat and denim shirt. He talked about his youth and what he had done.

Unfortunately, his picture didn’t exactly receive the response he probably expected. People had a lot of negative things to say, commenting that he looked rough. However, others mentioned that rough looked good on him.

Regardless of what people think, we hope that Ricky Schroder is back on track and we wish him all the best in his endeavors.

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