Dobri was the name of the elderly man, and most people would consider him to be in poor condition. Many residents discovered a vital lesson about not judging people by their appearance after hearing about his story.

You may experience what it’s like to be a hero by watching this elderly homeless man. Even though he lacked many valuables, his compassion was worth more than a hoard of cash. 

You’ll understand that superheroes exist after you see what the elderly man accomplishes on a daily basis. Here is evidence that they are not what you believe them to be. Look at this old man. He is one of the best persons in the world because of this.

101-year-old A man named Dobri Dobrev had a significant hearing loss during the Second World War.
He has spent decades walking daily distances of 15 km while donning homemade attire and leather shoes.

He commutes from his town to Sofia, Bulgaria, where he begs throughout the day.

Amazingly, Dobrev didn’t voice any complaints. On only around US $100.00 (Rp 1.4 million) every month, he was able to survive.

He has donated all of the money he has amassed—more than US $50,000.00, or roughly Rp 712 million—to orphanages located throughout the city.

Of the money he made, he kept nothing.

Some refer to him as “The Saint of Baylovo,” where he was born.

He is revered by all, known as “Dyado Dobri” (Grandpa Dobri), and stands for excellent deeds performed most selflessly.

This is a good example to follow if you need one. The world would be a much better place if everyone just tried to be a little bit like him.

He might have been able to benefit personally from the money. He didn’t have to live on the streets, but he did so nonetheless so he could give all of his earnings to orphans.

The following clip features Grandpa Dobri:


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