Jay Leno is a celebrity that does not go out in public very often. Recently, however, he went out for a date with his wife, Mavis, after she was diagnosed with dementia.

They were in Los Angeles to attend the premiere of Unfrosted. Just a few days after Jay was given conservatorship of their joint estate he supposedly asked the judge to grant him that so that he could structure the living trust and other estate plans in case he died before his wife.

According to court documents: “Mavis has been progressively losing capacity and orientation to space and time for several years … Jay is fully capable of continuing support for Mavis’ physical and financial needs, as he has throughout their marriage.”

After going out on a date, despite the fact that she is dealing with health problems, they talked to reporters and she said she felt great.


The interviewer mentioned how it was nice to see them out and Jay said he thought he would come to do something fun for a change. He spoke about how everything was so controversial so he was just happy to go see a silly movie.

Jay also went on to say that he stands by his wife and they have a solid marriage. After 44 years, he said they have a great time and he said that his life is a party, that every day is a good day. Must be the secret to a happy marriage.

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