It is a very significant moment when you can finally break the news to your spouse that he is going to be a father.

When it comes to telling about their joyful news, more and more mothers are beginning to become incredibly imaginative. Nikk Rock did not deviate from this pattern. She had the goal of doing something that was utterly unconventional and out of the norm for her.

Therefore, she went to the local authorities and requested for their assistance in organizing a very memorable vehicle journey.



They were out on a drive when they were stopped by a law enforcement official.

Wright, who was at the wheel at the time, gave off the impression that he did not fully understand why he was pulled over. Wright quickly recognized the cop as his buddy, Todd Colichia, as he approached the vehicle where he was sitting. Despite this, Wright continued to have uneasy feelings throughout the day.



The next thing he did was give a nod in the direction of Rock, who, unknown to Rock’s spouse, had been taping the whole discussion the whole time. In addition to that, she was displaying a pregnancy test.

The awareness that was dawning on Wright’s face as he turned to gaze at her brought about a shift in his facial expression. Rock subsequently verified that they are, in fact, traveling with an infant in the vehicle without the use of a safety seat for the infant.



In the meanwhile, Colichia began to offer his congratulations to the expectant father.

The companion of Colichia then materialized on the window of the passenger compartment carrying a large bag holding presents for Wright. It turned out that the baby would be a double present for Wright since it was due on the same day as his birthday! When Wright took a little teddy bear out of the bag, the message attached to it said, “Dad, see you on your birthday.”



The couple was overjoyed to learn that they were going to have a child, particularly Wright

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