Vera Wang is somebody who is known for being on the red carpet. At 73 years old, however, some people may think that she’s ready to retire but the recent pictures say something completely different.

When she was on hand for the 2023 BAFTAs, the 73-year-old stepped out on the red carpet and took everyone by surprise. Not only is she incredibly beautiful at 73, she has been dubbed by many as being immortal.

There were many celebrities on hand for that particular event. They were awarding people for their achievements but the red carpet is really where the attention focused. Vera Wang is one of the big reasons why the attention was given in that area.

She was wearing a white dress that was flowing off the shoulder and showed her physique, which is just as nice as when she was in her 20s. We know that she is a famous designer, but her youthful appearance probably took many people by surprise.

It was her youthful look that got people talking and many said that she was stunning or even immortal.

This probably makes you wonder about her beauty regime. She likes to keep things as simple as possible. She adds baby oil to baths to help keep her skin smooth. She moisturizes regularly and she uses sunscreen when she is outside. She also keeps active.

She also has a good outlook on what people think about her looks. She said: “I mean, it’s nice that people thought that about me. It’s very complimentary, and I’m very grateful for that.”

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