Parents will often have to make decisions that are not going to sit well with every other parent out there. More and more often, we have seen parents criticized for the decisions they make, and it can be difficult.

Nobody knows this better than a mother named Brooke, who regularly posts videos on TikTok. She made a loving decision for her baby boy but in the process, she was labeled as a child abuser.

Brooke has often spoken about her relationship with Kingsley, her son. When he was born, he had a large port wine stain birthmark that covered half of his face.

She took him to the doctors to see what could be done and they gave her the options. She decided the best choice was to have laser treatment to remove the birthmark so he didn’t have it when he got older.

After she spoke about her decision online, many people came forward to criticize and ridicule her. They felt that she was putting him through an abusive treatment.

One commenter said that they thought he should wait until he was 18 so he could decide for himself if he wanted it removed. Others called the procedure torture and started to give her natural medical advice.


Finally, Brooke had enough and she decided to come forward and speak her mind. She did so through a series of videos and gave the reason why she felt laser treatment was the best option for him.

One reason was that port wine stain birthmarks do not fade over time. Over time they can darken and become lumpy or develop into other health problems.

She said: “The younger they are the better it is to start the laser because it is fresh on their skin and it is less stubborn. Over time it will become more stubborn and they will need more sessions in the future.”

She also said that he is the most beautiful boy in the world and she didn’t care if he had a birthmark on his face or not. She was actually doing it for her son and the benefit of his health, not for cosmetic reasons.

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