If you pay the correct money, you can own the private plane that Elvis Presley used.

The damaged 1962 Lockheed 1329 Jetstar that belonged to The King of Rock and Roll is going to be auctioned off beginning on January 4, 2023, at the Mecum’s 2023 Kissimmee auction. The aircraft has been sitting in storage at the Roswell International Air Center in New Mexico for a number of years.

This auction listing provides the ideal restoration opportunity for an Elvis exhibit. It comes with all of the necessary documents for the aircraft, including a copy of the Aircraft Security Agreement that was signed by Presley himself. While two of his jets are currently on display at Graceland, this auction listing provides the ideal restoration opportunity.

It had a crimson exterior with silver accents, and it cost $840,000 when it was purchased in December 1976, which was one year before he passed away on August 16, 1977 at the age of 42. The interior of the aircraft features a red velvet-covered couch that can accommodate up to nine passengers, as well as passenger seats that rotate and recline. The jet is further dated by the presence of wood paneling and trim, including window shades; also, it has an entertainment center that is complete with an RCA VCR player and a cassette player.

In addition, there is a restroom with a vanity and a galley that provides a meal-preparation area, a beverage dispenser, and a Kenmore microwave for your convenience.


According to Mecum, Elvis had already amassed a fleet prior to the purchase of the aircraft. This fleet included a customized Convair 880 that he referred to as the “Lisa Marie” and had the call sign of Hound Dog 1, as well as a second JetStar that was known by its call sign of Hound Dog 2.


According to the information provided on the auction website, Elvis Presley had a number of pilots on retainer and utilized the planes to transport his band, backup groups, Col. Tom Parker, and Memphis Mafia while they were on tour and traveling to various locations across the country.

After getting married in 1967, the couple paid a total of $21,000 to rent the 4,695-square-foot property that had been dubbed by Look magazine in 1962 as the “House of Tomorrow.” They rented the property for one year shortly after their wedding.

The residence features a total of four bedrooms, three complete bathrooms, and a spa right in the house. When it was first constructed in 1960, the mansion designed by William Krisel, which had an appearance that resembled the exterior of a spaceship, was seen as being ahead of its time. An indoor kitchen grill was one of its cutting-edge facilities, along with suction ports and radios that were mounted on the walls.


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