We live in a world that is diverse on many different levels. We’ve come to appreciate this, and we’ve even learned to embrace it in many cases but that doesn’t mean we can’t be surprised from time to time.

We have such a surprise that comes from Lagos, Nigeria. Stacy and Babajide are loving parents to a daughter and they wanted her to have a sibling. When they went in for the ultrasound, however, they found out something they weren’t expecting.

Stacy learned that she was going to be a 31-year-old mother of twins. It was a complete shock but that was nothing compared to the surprise they would have when the children were born.

The babies were born via cesarean section and she knew that the baby boys, Daniel and David were going to be a welcome addition to the family. When they saw the boys for the first time, however, they realized that they were very special.

Both Daniel and David had the biggest, brown eyes imaginable but the real surprise was the fact that they didn’t look anything alike. Daniel had curly black hair and dark skin, almost like his older sister. On the other hand, David had golden curls and white skin.

Stacy said that both she and her husband are black so the different look among the children was quite a surprise. The scan didn’t show any difference between them, so when Daniel was born first with black hair, David was a real surprise.

Since the babies were born through cesarean section, the doctors told them that they were having totally un-identical twins. Suddenly, nurses were rushing to look at the babies.

People were a bit confused about the appearance of the babies and some have even questioned if the parents were parents to both of the children. The good thing is, the mother was overjoyed with the birth and she didn’t care how they looked.

The father was overwhelmed and ended up referring to David as Mr. Golden. It took 10 minutes for him to really process the fact that they were different.

David was born with a condition known as oculocutaneous albinism. Is it a genetic disorder that is not often seen and it results in no pigmentation in the eyes, skin, and hair.

They were concerned about how people would react to David when he was born and were also concerned about his health. This type of albinism sometimes comes with other medical conditions, including eye problems and sensitivity to sunlight.

As of now, David is not experiencing any of those difficulties.

Even though there are people who talk on occasion when they go out, Stacy hopes that they are just mentioning how adorable the babies are and would like to come and say hello. It has actually worked out to their benefit in some cases, because modeling agencies have inquired about taking pictures of the boys.

In the end, the boys are twins and friends of each other. They also have different personalities and they like different things. People may say that they are different, but it’s a beautiful thing to the family.

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