Saturday Night Live has been an iconic part of television for many years. Perhaps you are old enough that you can even remember watching it when it had stars such as Eddie Murphy, John Belushi, or Chevy Chase.

Since those days, Saturday Night Live continues to entertain many but sometimes they take things a little bit too far. That seems to be what they did now that Chloe Fineman has taken a shot at JoJo Siwa, with the help of cohost, Colin Jost.

When she showed up, she seemed to be very excited and she did a fairly decent job at the impression. She said: “That’s right, Colin; I’m a bad girl now!” Going on to describe her change as being going from sparkles to black sparkles.

Chloe even said that she looked like a figure skater joined a street gang and the cohost thought that she looked more like if Mad Max was on Broadway.

When she asked if it scared him, if a former child star looking like that scared him, he said yes… But not in the way she likes.

That is when she pulled out some candy cigarettes and said that she does cigarettes now. This was followed up when she said she invented a new genre called ‘gay pop’

She did come back later to apologize for that particular statement.

In the end, it was 3 1/2 minutes of uncomfortable comedy that was not very funny in the opinions of most people. Many were angry that she would make fun of a star that was half her age and others were calling for Saturday Night Live to be canceled.

This will be an interesting thing to watch. It happens sometimes on Saturday Night Live, sometimes to their benefit and sometimes not.

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