There are some music legends that are simply irreplaceable. The Beatles, Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, and of course, Elvis Presley, fall into this category. Their influence and staying power are evident, as their songs continue to be cherished by fans of all ages.

No one expects 16-year-old to sound just like Elvis Presley – then he takes the mic

It comes as no surprise that many aspiring musicians choose to imitate and cover the works of these iconic artists. After all, what better way to develop your own skills than by studying the very best in the industry?

However, performing a song in the style of a music legend is no easy feat. Doing so in front of a large audience adds even more pressure to the mix. It’s safe to say that many would shy away from such a challenge.

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Well, not 16-year-old Benedikt Köstler from Germany. He knew that in order to make a name for himself, he had to step up and deliver an unforgettable performance.

Benedikt decided to showcase his talents on the German edition of the popular show The Voice. With great courage, he took the stage and chose to perform Always On My Mind, one of Elvis Presley’s most beloved ballads.

Benedikt Köstler performing on stage

It was a bold move, but Benedikt was confident in his ability to pay homage to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. And boy, did he impress! Not only did he wow the audience, but all five judges were so captivated by his performance that they instantly turned their chairs around.

Although Elvis Presley may no longer be with us, his legacy lives on through incredible performers like Benedikt. Their dedication and talent keep the spirit of his music alive for generations to come.

Now, without further ado, watch Benedikt’s awe-inspiring rendition of Always On My Mind in the video below:

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