My heart wholly melted when the little girl turned around. soldier goes through rewarding experiences in life. They fight bravely with enemies and serve your country.

Even so, martial life is very stressful, especially for soldiers who have partners and kids who have trouble with this. Also, deployment can last for long periods.

The scholarly and behavioral challenges can experience by the children who have a deployed parent.

Before and during their parent’s deployment the children experience various annoyances. Also, it takes place when their parents come home. Because of that, proper mental stability support is a must for every child.

Not only the children who are affected by the deployment but also the parents as well.

Thus, they show how much they loved their children, and they do their best to help their children cope. And also they spent more time with their children and even once they get home they surprise their little ones in many ways.

Here is what happened with a loving father and his daughter.

Unfortunately, for nearly eleven months, Sgt. Caleb Whitely hadn’t seen his daughter and son.

Alaina is the daughter of Sgt.Caleb Whitely. Before he departed, he left a jar of kisses for her. Her father left her a reminder with each kiss chocolate served to remind her that her father may not be there, and also every chocolate was representing her father’s kisses.

Sgt. whitely is going to give a surprise to his daughter. His service lasted for eleven months. He didn’t tell his daughter that he is coming home early when the time came.

His daughter Alaina thought that her father would come home after five days, but he would be back in just 3-days. They planned a surprise for her, which will be implemented, on the day he comes back home.

Alaina’s mom asked her to stand in their yard with signs in front of her, but she didn’t know how to read yet. Alaina didn’t know what was about to happen.

“My dad is behind me, but I don’t know because I can’t read.” The placards read.

Alaina’s dad was ready to surprise her, and he is, already behind her.

Alaina was so innocent. she even said, “I wanna go potty!”

“Alaina, hold on! Okay, come,” her mom said.

“Who’s that behind you?” Alaina’s mother walked toward her and asked.

“Turned around!” Her mom excitedly said.

Immediately Alaina’s father walked to his daughter and hugged her. Sgt. whitely was so happy because his daughter is with him now.

And also not only his father but also Alaina was very happy. She was overjoyed to see her dad back home. And he finally hugged his baby girl “Alaina,” and it was a beautiful moment between a father and daughter.

Today in an interview with the USA, Sgt. whitely said, ” I made honestly that moment, that point in time, made every bit of it completely worth it.”

It was truly a difficult experience, being away from his family is not an easy one for Sgt. whitely. He has a wife and two kids whom he always thought about while he was deployed in another country.
That is the reason his wife, thought of a way to help their kids cope.

She bought dolls with a picture of Caleb in his uniform for her children.

” On Facebook, I saw that these daddy dolls are famous among deployed martial families. They had these.” She said in an interview. ” The kids carry it around everywhere” because they loved it.

Luckily now they have the real thing standing before them.
They don’t have to hug a doll.

Presently, they enjoy and cherish their time happily as a family.

Watch the beautiful reunion video below!


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