Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a former WWE Champion and well-known figure in Hollywood, is most known for his roles in the blockbuster films “The Scorpion King,” “Skyscraper,” and the most recent DC Universe film, “Black Adam.” He also resigned from professional wrestling. He has followers all over the world thanks to his success in the entertainment sector.

When he posted a video of himself entering a 7-11 in his homeland of Hawaii on his Instagram account recently, he sparked a contentious debate online. Before going to the gym to work out, he used to go to the same store and take a large-sized Snickers bar when he was 14 years old because he didn’t have any money at the time. He was left with an impression of the recollection, which he has never forgotten.

He says in a video he released on Instagram that he has been waiting decades to do what he is about to do.

When Dwayne went out to work out as part of his daily regimen, he would go to a 7-11 store nearby and grab an extra-large sized Snickers chocolate bar as his pre-workout supplement for the day. His family had previously struggled financially. The cashier moved away while pretended not to see the incident because she was aware of young Dwayne’s financial position at the time. For a year, there was’stealing’ going on.

Dwayne stated, “I was dirt poor as hell, and the cashier just turned her head and never busted me.

Growing up, Dwayne had always thought that particular recollection was inappropriate, especially at such a young age. He made the decision to go back to the 7-11 store where he used to steal the chocolate bars when he recently visited his homeland in Hawaii. As soon as he walked in, he went right to the shelf where they kept their Snickers candies and grabbed every single one. He set them on the counter and paid for each item individually.

The “Black Adam” actor described how he stole an extra-large Snickers chocolate bar every day to the counter employee. “I did that every day for over a year,” he claimed. To make atonement, I had to return and purchase every Snickers bar on those shelves.

He left the Snickers candy bars on the counter after paying for them. He didn’t want to take them home with him. He said they may take as many as they wanted and that it was for everyone who was in the store at the time. “I give you these Snickers. It is unnecessary for them to care if someone appears to want to steal it. Just take these away,” he instructed the counter employee.

He paid for everyone at the store’s tab while Dwayne was still seated at the counter. He paid a total of $298. Dwayne posed for pictures inside the 7-11 with customers and employees before leaving. At the end of the video, he remarked, “That felt really, very nice after decades of me wanting to return back home to 7-Eleven and try to make good. We can’t undo the past or some of the stupid things we may have done, but every so often, we can make amends and possibly put a big grin on someone else’s face.

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