Standing in line at the grocery store, my pregnant wife, Karol, and I were suddenly disrupted by a guy carelessly bulldozing into her. The shock was palpable, but Karol had a different approach to justice.

Karol, with her unwavering faith in the universe’s natural balance, surprised us both. Instead of confronting the rude guy, she calmly reached into her purse and retrieved a ripe tomato. With mischievous eyes, she expertly tossed the tomato, hitting the guy square in the chest. The impact left a streak of red juice, transforming his shirt into a symbol of shame.

Silence fell upon the grocery line as everyone watched in astonishment. The guy stood there, speechless and drenched in tomato pulp. Meanwhile, Karol, unaffected, resumed loading our groceries onto the conveyor belt.

Leaving the store, I couldn’t help but reflect on Karol’s unique approach to justice. She didn’t seek revenge or indulge in anger; instead, she believed in restoring balance to the universe in her own way.

Walking hand in hand, it dawned on me that sometimes, the most powerful form of justice lies in letting go and trusting in the universe to set things right.

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