The boss had a pressing issue with one of the main computers, but he couldn’t reach his valued employee, who hadn’t shown up for work and hadn’t called in sick. Determined to solve the problem, he dialed the employee’s home phone number.

To his surprise, a child answered the phone and spoke in a quiet voice. The boss asked if the employee was home, but the child whispered that he was. Curious, the boss inquired if he could speak with the employee, only to be met with another whispered “no.”

Not one to give up easily, the boss asked if the child’s mother was home. Once again, the answer was a whispered “yes.” The boss hoped there was someone he could leave a message with, so he asked if there was anyone else present. The child whispered that there was a policeman.

Confused as to why a policeman would be at his employee’s home, the boss requested to speak with the officer. However, the child whispered that the policeman was busy. Intrigued, the boss asked what the officer was doing, and the child replied that he was talking to the employee’s parents and a fireman.

Beginning to feel worried, the boss heard a loud noise in the background through the phone. He asked what the noise was, and the child whispered that it was a helicopter. Concerned, the boss demanded to know what was happening, and the child replied with another whisper – a search team had just landed a helicopter.

Now truly apprehensive, the boss asked what they were searching for. The child responded with a muffled giggle and whispered, “Me.”

This heartwarming story reminds us of the importance of family and the unconditional love between a parent and child. It’s a reminder that sometimes life’s unexpected surprises can bring us joy, even in the midst of a seemingly stressful situation.

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