Most of us are able to go out without any real fanfare but that isn’t the case for some celebrities. As an example, anytime Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are out on the town, they are sure to attract a lot of attention.

Recently, the pair was out at a basketball game along with his son, Samuel. At first, people didn’t even recognize Ben from the photographs because he looked so different. Many feel that she is to blame.

This took place at a basketball game between the Lakers and the Warriors. They were watching the game from their courtside seats and people were talking about the celebrities. You can tell that Jennifer was ready for the event, but Samuel was showing his warriors pride as well. He was more casually dressed than Jennifer.

At first, people thought that been looked different in some way or another but they couldn’t quite put their finger on why. That was one fan stepped forward to say that the altered appearance of Ben came from an unexpected source.

At first, they thought it may have been his clean-shaven look, as he usually has more of a rugged appearance. They also felt that he was dressed rather casually, but the discussion grew from there.

Some fans stepped forward to say that he was just sitting there enjoying the game rather than grabbing some attention or being uncomfortable being in the spotlight. As one of the commenters put it, basketball is his happy place.

There were others, however, who feel that Jennifer Lopez was to blame. When she has the spotlight shined on her, there is going to be some sort of critical talk taking place. Others blamed her for changing his luck in making him look older.

Still others blamed her for forcing her way into the picture and not allowing the father and son to have a moment of happiness. In their thoughts, she must’ve aged Ben 10 years since he was with her.

This is something that will continue to be debated but one thing is for sure, it is a debate that people will be interested in.

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