Any of us can get into trouble in any instance. In such a case, we may even need to seek help from another party. How would you feel if the party was a well-known character?

An 82-year-old lady named Nancee Lingg faced an incident when she arrived at the Appleton international airport after a pretty long journey.

After landing at the airport, she had difficulty handling her heavy luggage, yet no one seemed to be around to help her. Luckily, a tall man kindly offered her help to carry her luggage, and she accepted it with much gratitude.

Though Nancee got a hand with the heavy luggage, she didn’t get the chance to comfort herself afterward. The flight attendant told Nancee that someone would be there with a wheelchair to aid her. Yet they found no one after leaving the plane and saw that the wheelchairs were folded up.

Things were happening. However, the old lady had no idea who the person showing all this kindness to her was. But things soon got revealed with the granddaughter of Nancee meeting the stranger.

During the travel through the airport, Nancee had a friendly conversation with her new friend. But Nancee only got to know her fortune after meeting her granddaughter.

Nancee’s granddaughter, Teresa Lingg Knuth, noticed the Greenbay Packers tags on the stranger’s luggage. It made her question him if he had played for the team. At that moment, he revealed that he was Aaron Jone.

The humble Aaron shared a moment with the pair, posed for some photographs, and kept going in his direction.

Anyway, Teresa wasn’t the only person that noticed Aaron. It turns out that many others had noticed his act of kindness. “Monica,” a Twitter user, shared a photo of the Packers player on social media. She captioned the post mentioning what she saw; she Just watched Aaron Jones from Packers pushing a random lady through the Appleton airport. There was no one to help her. Go PACKERS, go.

Just watched Packers Aaron Jones push a random lady through the Appleton airport because there was no there to push her ?? GO PACK GO @espn @packers @Showtyme_33

— Momica (@MonicaAllen11) May 29, 2018

Users of Twitter made various statements praising the goodwill of the humble player. Eventually, Teresa responded to the tweet with the photographs she captured. ‘That’s my Grandma,’ she said.

The news got in the ears of the Packers coach, Mike McCarthy. He took the opportunity to tell the world how he felt about the incident.

@MonicaAllen11 Thats my grandma!

— Teresa Lingg Knuth (@teresalingg) May 29, 2018

The coach stated that he is thankful that everyone got a chance to witness what he sees daily. Every individual within the locker room is tremendous. Hence they are all fortunate and blessed to have such a caliber of character in their locker room.

Though, Aaron’s kindness wasn’t a sudden reaction. A visit to his Instagram page will provide you with evidence for that. He is a kind-hearted soul indeed. Running back to his history through Instagram will also show a few photos showing how fan-oriented Aaron can be.
For example, we can see Aaron together with two young fans, next to their favorite local cereal.
Aaron provided a great example to show that anyone is never too big or famous to help the needy.
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