You never quite know what to expect when watching The View. Between the possibility of arguments among the hosts or some of the interesting people they have visiting, it seems as if things just are happening at all times. Sometimes, you may even have a surprise or two.

A surprise is exactly what the audience got when Joy Behar accidentally fell out of her chair during a live episode of The View. She hit the ground hard, making quite a bang and the other hosts rushed in to help her get up.

As you might expect, there were plenty of comments that were quick to happen. Whoopi Goldberg said: “These chairs move!”

Sunny Hostin said that it happens to all of us at one time or another, and Behar came back with a quick: “25 years, that has never happened [to me].”

She then continued asking who she should sue and the 79-year-old host said that her husband was probably at home laughing.

This may leave you wondering, what happened that allowed her to fall out of the chair? When she finally settled into the seat, Behar said that it went flying. Added that the chairs were very high, Sara Haines and Goldberg joked about how it takes a glass of wine to get into a chair.

Whoopi Goldberg looked to Behar to make sure that she was okay and Behar said: “I just missed the stack, as usual.”

As the show got started, the jokes just continued. Goldberg said that the hosts were texting before the show and accusing Haynes of tripping Behar, but she said that that wasn’t the case today.

Eventually, they began talking about a more serious subject, that of Bob Saget. He recently passed away after he hit his head. They reminded the audience that if you fall down and feel dizzy or like you want to go to sleep, you should go to the doctor immediately.


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