Life is full of decisions and sometimes, we need to make choices that are not always going to be the most popular. This is true, regardless of who we are and we do our best to keep everybody as happy as possible.

As the grandmother in the following story can attest, however, there are going to be times when we make decisions that rub people the wrong way. It can be difficult to make those choices when we are part of a family that is close and she did something that certainly sent people into a tizzy.

The problem is, she made the decision and it seems as if she didn’t do anything wrong but now her daughter is accusing her of some serious issues. Did she do something wrong? Read the following story and you be the judge.

This is about my granddaughter Lindsey. Now Lindsey (15) has it rough being middle child and she looks different from her siblings. I truly was confused how she had blond curly hair while the rest of the family has dark hair. I though genetics was being weird and I love her.

The issue came up when Lindsey told me her parents banned her from getting an ancestry test. I told my son and DIL that there was something fishy around her birth she needs to know. They denied it and told me to leave it alone. Now Lindsey is in high-school and she went to her biology teacher. To put it bluntly the teacher said it was odd for her to have some traits.

She came to me distressed asking me to buy an DNA test since she needs to know. Long story short she is not her mothers kid. My son got someone else pregnant and her bio mom gave her up.

This has blown up the family while Lindsey is pissed to being lied to, I am getting a ton of heat for getting her a DNA test. Now they won’t talk to me which is making Lindsey even more mad at them.

Edit: because I have answered this multiple times. They were on the other side of the country when she was born and I met Lindsey when she was about 6 months old. Really not hard to hide the whole thing

Edit2: I am confused why a lot of Redditors are treating this like she is 5 and not 15. All I did was buy it she did all the paperwork and shipped it. It’s not hard

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