Months after facing online trolls targeting her baby son, Paris Hilton has shared an adorable video of her 1-year-old, showcasing their uncanny resemblance. In the heartwarming clip, Pheonix sits on his dad’s stomach as Paris and her husband try to elicit a laugh from him. It turns out, Pheonix has inherited his mom’s unique laugh, as Paris proudly declares, “He gets it from his mama.”

Paris, who is now a mother of two, has yet to share photos of her baby girl, London, with the world. It is believed that her previous experience with internet trolls targeting her son may have made her hesitant to do the same with her daughter.

However, Paris and her husband are assuring their Instagram followers that they will be sharing photos of London with the world soon. In response to a comment from a fan asking about London, Paris’ husband, Carter, wrote, “Not quite ready to share her with the world, but she’s adorable and looks just like her mamma.” Paris also responded to another comment expressing excitement and support, saying, “Love you, soon.”

This decision comes after Paris had to confront haters who made cruel comments about her infant son. Paris addressed the issue on her Instagram Story, calling the comments about her son’s head size “unacceptable.” She emphasized that targeting her child or any other child is not tolerable and expressed the hurt it caused her.

Paris Hilton and Her Husband Reveal Why They Haven't Shared Photos of Their Daughter With the World Yet

As a proud working mom, Paris wants to foster an environment of love, respect, and acceptance. She shares that the decision to share or not share her children with the public is met with scrutiny regardless. Despite facing criticism, Paris is grateful for her son, Phoenix, who she describes as her world and the greatest blessing in her life. She hopes that people can show more kindness and empathy towards one another, especially when it comes to innocent children.

In conclusion, Paris Hilton, along with her husband, has decided to delay sharing photos of their daughter with the public. This decision stems from the past negative experiences with online trolls and the desire to protect their child. While they understand the curiosity and excitement of their fans, their priority is creating a safe and loving environment for their family.

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