A New York boy was walking on the street with his sister when a speeding SUV hit them from behind. Soon, their mother received news of their accident, and what happened next was beyond the family’s imagination.

Desari Mack lived with her 13-year-old children, Tyler Philips and Krystal Randolph, in the Medford area of Suffolk County, New York. The children were eighth-graders at William Paca Middle School and lived happily with their mother.

However, things took a different turn two days after Philips’ birthday. An unfortunate incident turned the family’s life upside down. It was something they had never expected.

The Collision
It was an ordinary day when Philips was walking home with Randolph after spending some time together in the neighborhood park. The children loved visiting the park since it was the only one in their locality.

It was around 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 12, 2022, when the siblings were walking on Granny Road’s bike lane. While they hoped to reach home soon, they felt a sudden jerk as an SUV hit them from behind.

Without thinking twice, Philips jumped in front of the vehicle to push his sister away. The young boy wanted to save his sister from getting injured but had no idea his heroic act would cost him his life.

Injured Teenagers
Instead of stopping to see what happened to the young siblings, the driver of the grey SUV sped off after the collision. Soon, first responders arrived and moved the teenagers to Stony Brook University Hospital.

Soon after the horrifying incident, the authorities revealed details about the hit-and-run vehicle.
While Randolph’s injuries weren’t fatal, Philips was in critical condition. Mack was devastated to know that a hit-and-run driver had crashed his vehicle into her little ones. What happened next was something she didn’t see coming.

Gone Too Soon
On Thursday morning, the doctors revealed that Philips was no more. The loving brother had succumbed to his injuries while trying to save Randolph. His death left his family members devastated. Mack said:

“I miss him. There’s no words that can describe how I feel.”

Just two days before, the family celebrated Philips’ birthday and had never thought they would lose him so soon. Instead of praying for his future, his mother now had to prepare for her baby’s funeral.

The Support
The family had decided to donate Philips’ organs, so he stayed in the hospital. Meanwhile, his aunt, Crystal Floww, set up a GoFundMe page to help the family financially. She said:

“My nephew was outgoing, adventurous, feisty yet kind. He loved with his whole heart for the ones he cared for.”

The William Floyd School District officials took to their social media accounts to express their feelings. They said they were “thankful” that Randolph would survive but felt “heartbroken to learn of Tyler’s passing.”

The school district also announced that they would provide counselors to the district’s students if anyone needed help after learning about the tragedy.

They also offered support to Philip’s family. Meanwhile, Schools Superintendent Lance Lohman said:

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tyler and Krystal’s family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.”

The Family
“He saved my life,” Randolph said about her late brother. She was mourning his death while recovering from her injuries. Meanwhile, Mack said:
“He was a hero. He will always be a hero.”

Mack and her children had been living in a shelter for a year. Like most children living there, the siblings walked to the park since they didn’t have any vehicles.

The Vehicle
Soon after the horrifying incident, the authorities revealed details about the hit-and-run vehicle. They suspected it was a light gray 2005 to 2009 Chevrolet Equinox. Deputy inspector David Doherty said:

“We expect the vehicle involved to have front and/or side passenger damage. We are currently canvassing the area for witnesses and video.”

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The authorities urged residents to contact the police if they had any information about the vehicle or the driver. The police are asking people to help them find the suspect.

The Comments
Many news outlets shared Philip’s heartbreaking story on social media, and netizens felt terrible for the little boy. Here are some of the messages of support people left under News 12 Long Island’s Facebook post:

“Such a horrific story. How can you leave the scene after hitting a child? People are so heartless. May God help this family heal.”

― (@Denise Nostrom Scovanni) October 14, 2022

“My heart is hurting for this family. Lots of prayers for the mother, the little sister, and the entire family. May this sweet little boy RIP.”

― (@Angela Dias) October 14, 2022

Philip’s untimely death teaches us the importance of driving safely. We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones dealing with the pain of this tragedy.

Share this article with your friends and family to help Philip’s loved ones catch the suspect through the vehicle’s description provided by the police.

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