The entire neighborhood burst into laughter due to his fence, and the man swiftly demonstrated his brilliance.

Certain individuals residing in flood-prone areas face significant hardships due to floods. Flooding is caused by various factors such as rain, damaged dams, lack of vegetation, overflowing rivers, and melting snow and ice. Texas, being a flood-prone state, has witnessed numerous disasters that have inflicted harm on its residents over time. In general, floods pose a threat to lives, cause extensive damage, and require rescue and evacuation efforts. A Texan man initially had an idea to bring laughter to his neighbors, but eventually found himself laughing along. Don’t forget to take a look at the accompanying photographs.

Randy Wagner felt scared when he heard the meteorologists talking about the floods on the news.

He started thinking about emergency plans to protect his family and home. He made a decision after doing thorough research on the subject.


Version 1: Randy came up with a method that involved using a plastic barrier around his house to stop water from getting inside. This technique would save him a lot of money, considering the $9,000 investment.

Randy bought everything he needed and covered his house with more than 125 meters of plastic to protect it from the water. He calculated that without the barrier, the repairs would have cost him over $150,000.

Floods have always been a worry and have harmed communities. So, if we hear about the chance of such disasters happening, we need to be cautious and think ahead. Randy didn’t listen to the naysayers, and his plan paid off. Let others know about Randy’s great idea!

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