When we look at celebrities, especially mega-celebrities, one of the first things we consider is the place where they live. It’s interesting to see how big of a house or even how many houses they may own.

If you were to take a look at Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband of 39 years, Christopher Guest, you would see that they were not one to follow that same path. Even though Curtis has been a megastar in Hollywood for many years and is worth millions of dollars, they decided to live a simpler life as far as their home is concerned.

She has won a Golden Globe and many other awards. She was seen in well-known horror films at first, but then did movies such as Anything but Love, freaky Friday, and True Lies.

Her talents go beyond acting in movies, as she also has written a number of children’s books. Those books have entertained children, just as she has entertained us as adults on the silver screen.

When Curtis met her future husband in 1984, It was something that would last for many years. They continue to be connected, sharing their life and children with each other and always celebrating their anniversary in a very loving and public way.

When they first met, Curtis felt instantly connected to him when she saw his picture in a Rolling Stone magazine layout. She even said openly that she wanted to marry him, although he didn’t respond to her at that time. She even tried to get in touch with his agent, but it wasn’t until they accidentally met that Hugos restaurant in West Hollywood that they would end up dating.

This led to them purchasing a home, which is a 1920s Spanish colonial review. They bought it in 1992 and it was their first shared residence together. It is an older home, to say the least, but they managed to transform it into a space that really brings their personality to the fore.

That home is now more than a century old and it shows many of the personal touches that reflect their history as a family together.

Curtis enjoys the simple things in life and the simple things about being in a relationship. She loves the fact that their shared home is a sanctuary of memories and experiences.

We wish them many more happy years together.

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