Officer Shawn Tudor was conducting follow-up work on an investigation when he was sh0t by the suspect, Police Chief Lawrence Baptiste said.

The accused Marco Perez is already in police custody, however Batiste admitted that he does not know whether he sh0t or not.

Mobile o fficers w anted Perez for theft of property and filing a f alse police report. Federal investigators also reportedly sought to revoke his probation.

Tuder had been with his department for less than five years when he was named Officer of the Month in August 2017. According to Batiste, he “really just started at that point in his career where he started to have a really big impact not only on people in the neighborhood, but to the men and women who work here in this department.”

Tudor’s deɑth comes nearly a year after another police o fficer, Justin Billa, was k illed on the job while trying to ɑ rrest the man who k iIIed his ex-wife.

Batiste told reporters he wasn’t sure what would change. He also acknowledged that helping authorities identify “bad seeds” and individuals “who do the most damage in their neighborhood” could be helpful.

Batiste said please keep them in your thoughts, as well as Officer Tuder’s family, his wife, his mother and father and in-laws. This will be a difficult time.

O’fficer Tuder’s family is in our thoughts and prayers. We hope he finds comfort in knowing he passed away a h ero.

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