There are many things that we may argue about but none of them are quite so triggering as a discussion on food. In fact, if you stick around a conversation for more than a few minutes, you will see that it eventually turns in that direction.

One of the types of people that are so passionate about food would include vegans. They are more than a vegetarian, they are very passionate about the subject, which is why the term vegan was coined. It is the beginning and end of vegetarian.

Sometimes, vegans may stand up for their rights to the extent where people might get annoyed. Lucy Carrington is someone who found herself in that situation because she showed up on This Morning and said that her dog, Storm, is a strict vegetarian.

Even though she would argue the fact that her husky was only going to eat vegetables, it wasn’t something that would stand up under test. In fact, they decided to test Storm live on TV, providing him with two different bowls of food.

One of the bowls of food contained vegetables and the other contained meat. Which would Storm lean toward? We really don’t need to guess, Storm loved meat!

We can only imagine how embarrassing it was for the vegan dog owner to find out the truth in front of a worldwide audience. You can see the moment for yourself when Storm spoke loud and clear in the following video.

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