If you’ve ever gotten a ticket, you realize that it is one of the more frustrating experiences we may have in life. Then again, there are reasons why tickets are given out, and it often involves helping to reduce crimes, such as speeding and even drunk driving.

On the subject of drunk driving, it is a very serious offense and many people die as a result of accidents that involve alcohol every year. It really comes down to making a choice, and many people are choosing not to get behind the wheel after they’ve had alcohol.

That included one person in Wisconsin who was intoxicated. They decided that they were going to walk home rather than driving home and risking getting in an accident.

There was a problem, however, and that’s the fact that they were also in line to get a parking ticket because of where they had to leave their car. They decided to err on the side of safety, however, and walk home.

They knew that they were going to get ticketed overnight, so they left a note for any police officer who happened to come by. It was a simple note that asked any police officer to take pity on them, saying that they had walked home and were making safe choices.

Fortunately, for them, Officer Jim Hellrod was the one who came walking by. He was going to write out a parking citation but he found the note tucked underneath the windshield wiper.

Rather than writing the citation, he decided to give them a warning. He also mentioned the note, saying that pity was being granted.

This was something that went viral for all the right reasons and many people appreciated the efforts that he made. This included the local police department, who posted about it on Facebook.

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