This Hollywood icon appears to get better looking as she gets older.

They claim Photoshop does wonders since debates have regularly erupted online about her relief muscles.

Nicole Kidman, 55, doesn’t require a photo editor, though, as she has been interested in sports since a young age. The actress prefers to train outside, so the paparazzi may have witnessed this more than the occasion.

Photographers recently captured her in the middle of training at one of Sydney’s parks.

Nicole left the house without any makeup on, even though she might run across fans. The 55-year-old Oscar-winning actress also appears considerably younger than her contemporaries, we must admit.

The Daily Mail reader could not help but blurt out, “I’m not even 25, and my face is not at all like that.

What sports promote youth preservation? – There’s interest from another commentator. “She is the same with and without makeup. What’s her trade secret? One person admires.

The famous person does not hide any secrets of eternal youth. She suggests mixing up your physical activity to prevent burnout.

“Don’t imagine that you will get up every morning and run five miles until the remainder of your life; you will get crazily bored. As a result, I mix up my running with yoga and exercise, and I try to walk more often with my family, Nicole stated in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

But she takes an unorthodox approach to nutrition because, at her core, she does not follow a rigorous diet.

Nicole keeps herself in shape outside of sports by adhering to the following rule: For the remaining 20% of the diet, you can eat anything you want as long as it is nutritious and of plant origin.

It seems like a good idea!

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