Famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie was recently spotted leaving a fancy restaurant with her new secret boyfriend David Mayer de Rothschild. The sight immediately caught the attention of fans and sparked a storm of speculation.

David Mayer de Rothschild, a member of the famous Rothschild dynasty, is more than just an acquaintance. He is a prominent public figure and has great influence. The couple looked relaxed and happy, completely unaware that paparazzi had captured their perfect moment.

Angelina looked amazing in a long black dress that gracefully highlighted her slender figure. Their happiness and harmony were evident to all who saw them as they chatted animatedly.

The Rothschild family is known for their enormous wealth, with assets valued at $500 billion. This only further fueled the debate surrounding the couple’s partnership.

The internet community in particular couldn’t help but compare Angelina’s new boyfriend to her ex-husband Brad Pitt. Many netizens exp

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