When we look back on the life of celebrities, it is sometimes surprising to think that so many years have passed by. That is true of Barbara Eden, who has been acting for seven decades and still seems to be doing quite well at 91 years of age.

Barbara Eden may be able to sing and act, but most people tend to remember her because of her part in I Dream of Jeannie. That show ended back in 1965, and it’s amazing to think that people still think of her in that way down to this day.

Despite the fact that the show was a lighthearted comedy, fans tuned in to see Barbara Eden because of her beauty and her ability to act. When you stop to think that she is now 91 years of age, it truly is mind blowing.

Although it’s true that she may not have worn a harem costume in quite some time, she is doing well and continues to stay as active as possible. That is also true, despite the fact that she had a difficult upbringing.

In 1931, Barbara Eden was born in Arizona and later moved to San Francisco after her parents were divorced. She began singing around that time, but her mother wasn’t very kind. She told her that she didn’t sound like she meant a word of what she was singing, so she suggested she started studying acting.

At that point, Barbara Eden went to Los Angeles and started performing in different shows. When she landed her part in I Dream of Jeannie, however, it put her on the road to success.

It wasn’t only her beauty and her ability to act, she also got along quite well with Larry Hagman, the other star of the show who played the astronauts. She said: “I loved him a lot. Some actors you have to work at really liking them … and you put it in another box in your brain. But with Larry, I never had to do that. He was there constantly.”

Not only did she play the part of Jeannie, but she also played the part of her evil sister as well. Considering the fact that it was the 1960s, her outfit was also turning heads as well.

They had a particular problem with her showing her navel. They stayed within the lines as much as possible but still stayed on the cutting edge.

Barbara Eden has also starred in more than 50 movies and she continues to work at the age of 91. Her most recent movie was My Adventures With Santa, which was released in 2019. She played the lovable Mrs. Clause.

It is interesting to think that someone could continue to work well into their 90s. We wish her all the best and look forward to seeing her in any shows that come her way.

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