A heartbreaking video of a two-year-old girl surfaced on TikTok, where viewers watched her sing her favorite song for her mother. A day later, the little angel took her last breath after spending about half her life struggling to beat cancer.

Seeing one’s child die is something no parent deserves to experience. It is a painful moment that is etched in one’s memory forever. Even if the parent welcomes another kid after the death of their first baby, they still cannot forget what it felt like to hold their first child in their arms.

The mother in today’s story posted a video of her toddler on TikTok, not knowing her little one would pass away the next day. In the heart-wrenching video, viewers can witness the girl, barely able to speak, tell her mother how much she loved her.


When Magalli Jimenez gave birth to her second daughter, Ava Skye, she had no idea she would have to part ways with her little bundle of joy soon. Skye spent the first year of her life without any pain. The ordeal began when she turned 13 months old.

Jimenez could feel her heart racing when she heard Skye’s doctor talk about cancer. Out of all people she knew, the painful medical condition had affected her little daughter, who hadn’t even learned how to walk correctly. Jimenez was devastated to know that Skye had a type of muscle cancer.

However, the mother had to stay strong for her daughter. She didn’t lose hope and proceeded with the treatment prescribed by Skye’s oncologist. Jimenez wished she could exchange places with her daughter when she saw her undergo painful chemotherapy sessions.


After multiple visits to the hospital, Jimenez finally saw a ray of hope when the doctor told her Skye was cancer-free. The mother had yearned to hear these words from the doctor, but she had no idea Skye would relapse soon.

In July 2022, the doctors told Jimenez that Skye’s cancer had returned, and there was nothing they could do to treat it. They could only remove the tumor through surgery, but Skye was not strong enough to recover.

Jimenez felt heartbroken watching the doctors give up because it meant her little girl only had a few days, or weeks, to live. Watching her daughter go from a healthy baby to a weak toddler who could barely walk or speak was an agonizing experience.


With a heavy heart, Jimenez decided to keep Skye in hospice and fill her remaining days with joy and laughter. She did cry in the bathroom but always kept a smile on her face around little Skye. She couldn’t tell her daughter that they were about to part ways forever. Jimenez said:

“We will just let her live her life and enjoy her and do all the things that we’ve ever wanted to do with her. We’ve made a bucket list for her.”

Meanwhile, Davina Galvan, Jimenez’s friend and the mother of a child with cancer, set up a GoFundMe page for Skye. She wanted to raise $5,000 for the little girl so her mother could fulfill all of Skye’s wishes before she closed her eyes forever.


On August 22, 2022, Jimenez saw her world fall apart when Skye stopped breathing. She held her in her arms and cried uncontrollably. Losing her little angel was something she wasn’t prepared for, but she felt relieved knowing Skye didn’t have to endure the pain anymore.

A day before her death, Skye did something adorable that Jimenez captured on her phone. Despite not having the energy to talk, the little girl sang her favorite song for her mother to tell her how much she loved her. She sang while looking into Jimenez’s eyes:

“I love you. You love me. We are a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss kiss. [sic] Won’t you say you love me too?”


“My heart will forever be broken, it will never be the same, but I promised her that I would live for her,” Jimenez said. She never wanted any other parent to experience what she did. The heartbroken mother added:

“Hug your kiddos a little harder today, even when they drive you insane.”

Jimenez said she would “give anything” to experience Skye interrupting her while she stepped inside the bathroom. She missed her daughter every moment, wishing she could somehow hug her one last time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jimenez and her family as they deal with their little angel’s death. Rest in peace, Skye!

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