When most people think about Jane Seymour, the first thing that comes to their mind is the acting career that stretched for many years. She certainly is a well-known actress, but she is also a mother that is very dedicated to her children.

One of the things that Seymour had to deal with during her life is raising twin boys. She has other children, then including Catherine, and Sean Flynn. Her twin sons, John Stacy and Christopher Stephen are from her marriage to James Keach.

Things were easy for Jane Seymour when she decided to have children. She had two miscarriages after in vitro fertilization and she and her husband almost adopted at that time.

When she got pregnant at the age of 44, it was successful and she had twin boys. Those boys were born via C-section six weeks early because of preeclampsia.

From the start, the family faced many challenges because of risks associated with the birth and the pregnancy. She admitted that she almost died having them and the babies almost died as well.

In the end, she never regretted taking the risk and said that she was very glad she had them. They had to be cared for because of being born early, and both of the boys had health issues. Johnny had even turned blue twice after coming home from the hospital.

Seymour would sometimes take the boys along with her while she was filming on location and tried to be there fully for them. They grew healthier as they got older and also developed a strong bond with their mother.

You don’t see many pictures of the family but recently, she shared a picture of herself with her two twin sons, who are now grown. Her fans are quick to compliment them on how handsome and tall they are.

You never know what is going on behind the scenes and sometimes, you just need to take a look to realize that many people are dealing with the same things we are. We salute you, Jane Seymour, as it looks like you raised two wonderful boys.

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