As a television personality and journalist, Michael Strahan has successfully ascended the celebrity and wealth ladder. The term “responsibility” refers to the act of determining whether or not a person is responsible for his or her own actions.

Strahan has had many happy moments in his life, but like everyone else, he has also had to deal with bad things, especially in his love life.


The co-anchor of “Good Morning America” has had a string of bad luck in his love relationships.He has tied the knot twice, but unhappily, both marriages have ended in disaster.


Strahan’s first marriage lasted from 1992 to 1996 to Wanda Hutchins, and his second marriage to Jean Muggli lasted seven years, from 1999 to 2006. Over the years, the former NFL player has spoken honestly about how tough his divorces were. Strahan admitted in a 2016 interview with People:

“Divorce was definitely one of the most difficult things I’ve ever gone through, but it was also a learning experience, and I learned a lot about myself.”


The journalist went on to say that his divorce taught him that he was a strong guy. Strahan claims that he draws strength from his faith to deal with the challenges of parenting. In his words:


“My children give me strength.” I adore being around kids. “Now, more than ever, it’s all about family to me.”

The father of four knew he had to be strong for his weak children, so even though what happened was scary, he kept telling himself positive things.

Strahan claimed that his attitude paid off when he looked back on all that had transpired, including his children, and that it was one of the most gratifying moments of his life.

The term “responsibility” refers to the act of determining whether or not a person is responsible for his or her own actions.

Strahan claims that he is a quiet person away from the spotlight and that the intense scrutiny makes him feel humiliated and awkward.


The former professional football player was defeated in a fight with Jean Muggli in 2006. Following the finalization of the divorce procedures, the judge ordered Strahan to pay his ex-wife a hefty $15.3 million. In addition to the enormous cash, Muggli receives $18,000 monthly in child support from the entertainment legend.


Furthermore, she was awarded primary custody of their two girls, while Strahan was allowed just visiting privileges. Indeed, it was a trying moment, especially for the TV star, but things would only deteriorate.


Muggli filed a lawsuit in New York in September 2019, years after the couple finalized their divorce, asking for an increase in monthly child support. Strahan made additional charges about his ex-wife while the matter was still being heard in court.


According to reports, the former couple agreed to hire a parenting coordinator at first. Strahan, on the other hand, alleged that Muggli was doing things on purpose to increase the PC’s participation, resulting in a rise in the PC’s costs.

For example, the anchor said that Muggli broke their promise to send their teenage twin daughters to a school in North Carolina, which made the PC step in.

Strahan further claimed that his ex-wife was “uncooperative” in organizing his visitation with his children, forcing the PC to make the arrangements herself. Their co-parenting had become “time-consuming, conflict-filled, and unrealistic,” according to the PC.

Strahan requested that the court intervene and impose a 50-50 split of the PC’s expenses in order to resolve the purported issues.

But in 2020, the anchor determined it was appropriate for him to be given primary custody of his girls. As a result, he filed a custody dispute because Muggli was physically and mentally abusing their girls. However, the action was dropped with prejudice in October 2020 when the ex-couple signed a shared child custody arrangement.

Strahan is enjoying his time with his daughters over two years after the custody arrangement, as he has not let the custody battle impair his connection with them. He claims that:

“It wasn’t like, ‘Okay, we separated. Now I’m going to write a check and send it to your mom every month, and Daddy will see you down the road.’”


Strahan is appreciative of having access to his girls, and despite his hectic schedule, he always makes time for them.


Whenever they were in school, he would go down to North Carolina to see them; whenever they were on vacation, they would fly down to New York to be with him.

Strahan claims that his children had a different upbringing than he did, but the love is the same. Meanwhile, the journalist’s twins, Isabella and Sophia, make their dad prouder daily.

In April 2022, Isabella debuted her modeling career, walking the runway for Sherri Hill’s bridal and evening fashion show. It was a remarkable occasion for the little beauty and her doting dad.

Strahan has resolved to keep his love life private after being in the press multiple times for his romantic involvements. He has “done the public relationship, and it doesn’t work,” according to the actress.

Strahan claims that he is a quiet person away from the spotlight and that the intense scrutiny makes him feel humiliated and awkward. Regardless of how quiet the anchor wants his love life to be, he is dating model Kayla Quick.

The couple has apparently been dating since 2015, and their love grows stronger by the day. According to reports, Quick has a close relationship with her boyfriend’s children.


Fans are overjoyed to see Strahan in such a good mood after everything he has been through. Hopefully, his and Quick’s love will last a long time.

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